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PermaBASE DEK™ Cement Board

The lowest water absorption cement board on the market that is also moisture and mold-resistant providing an exceptionally hard, durable surface that withstands prolonged exposure to moisture.



Technical Data Sheet

Lowest water absorption

Ideal for all roofing systems

PermaBASE DEK™ Cement Board is a lightweight concrete waterproof support panel. Scientific composition of cement with polymers and lightweight aggregates, wrapped with mesh.

Basic Uses

Roofing systems manufacturers have found that PermaBASE DEK roof board works well in all the following applications or systems:

  • Hybrid systems
  • Modified bitumen
  • Liquid membranes


  • Unaffected by prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Excellent bond/pull through
  • Low water absorption
  • Does not require primers
  • Scores and snaps easily and cleanly.
  • Protective surface cover over roof assembly and superior flute spanning increases deck stiffness
  • Superior impact and puncture resistance due to high compressive strength
  • Fire-resistant. Meets CAN/ULC-S126

Outperforms fiberboard, perlite, or glass mat-faced gypsum board in moisture protection and durability.

Suitable for inverted roof assemblies with liquid membranes

Allows roof coverings to be mechanically fastened without sacrificing security.


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Product Details

Project Area:

Roof Deck


EdgeTech® Reinforced Edge


3/8", 1/2", 5/8"



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Technical Data Sheet

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