Why Unifix

A symbol of quality and dependability


About Unifix

The PermaBASE family of cement board products is manufactured by Unifix Inc. in Bromont, Canada. An affiliate of National Gypsum Company, Unifix offers the industry’s largest variety of cement boards covering the most demanding interior and exterior applications.

Established in 1983 in Quebec, Canada, Unifix Inc. is a symbol of quality and dependability well known on an international scale. The Unifix Bromont plant maintains rigorous quality processes in both management and production systems, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. Our reputation for high quality and complete customer satisfaction has been proven time and time again.

At Unifix Inc., we are very much aware of the role we play in the conservation of natural resources. The choice of our suppliers and production methods, optimizing the use of raw materials, and our participation in a collective effort to protect the environment, translates into a better world for our associates and future generations.

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