Installation of a water-managed, high-impact resistant wall system



The Cement Board Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System is a water-managed exterior cladding wall system designed to provide increased high impact and weather resistance and improved dimensional stability.

The Cement Board Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System combines the strength and durability of PermaBASE Cement Board with the performance and beauty of reinforced base coats and textured finishes. It includes specific components such as wood or metal furring, latex-modified Portland cement base coat, glass fiber mesh, trims, primer, and acrylic textured finish coat. It provides unequaled protection against water penetration and weathering.

The Cement Board Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System allows you to enclose and finish a project in as little as two days, speeding occupancy. It has already been satisfactorily used for over 25 years on thousands and thousands of square meters of exterior walls.


For all your exterior walls needing high-impact and weather resistance in commercial, institutional, and residential applications


Durability/Strength: PermaBASE Cement Board provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and has proven durability in cold climates. PermaBASE offers a competitive advantage over similar products on the market with its patented EdgeTechMD technology. The tapered, reinforced edge design allows for closer nail or screw application to the edge.

Weather Resistance:
Acrylic finishes repel weather at the system’s surface.

Water-Managed Design:
The water-managed design of the system provides positive drainage directly behind the cladding, enabling the escape of incidental water that might enter around or through window or door openings and penetrate behind the cladding in frame construction. It also provides air pressure equilibrium, minimizing the chances of water being driven into the wall cavity by incidental building envelope pressure differential.

Design Options:
Cement Board Stucco provides the popular stucco look, including the attachment of special pre-molded shapes and a wide variety of finish texture and color options in standard colors and custom colors.

Contact exterior coatings manufacturer for color and installation instructions.

Some exterior wall assemblies including the PermaBASE boards were tested according to CAN/ULC-S101. Consult ULC’s online directories for details.


  • Boards shall never be fastened directly on studs.
  • Thin veneer construction will tend to reveal planar irregularities in the frame construction.
  • Minor cracking at joints might become visible in the finished exterior surface.
  • For exterior finishes applied directly to PermaBASE, the reinforcing mesh must be embedded in the basecoat.
  • The cavity between the PermaBASE Cement Board and the intermediate sheathing or the insulation board must allow for venting to the exterior, at the bottom and at the top of the wall, in order to provide efficient water drainage and humidity management.