Cement board masonry veneer wall system


The use of adhered manufactured stone and thin brick masonry veneers is increasing in popularity. Cement Board Masonry Veneer Wall Systems (CBMV) have been designed to offer complete, engineered solutions for the installation of manufactured and natural stone masonry veneer, as well as thin brick veneers.

These systems have been developed and are marketed by various manufacturers of the adhering materials used to install them as well as the veneer manufacturers themselves. CBMV Systems offer increased performance by utilizing polymer modified adhesive mortars which have been designed for hanging materials versus type S and N mortars that were primarily designed for stacking materials. In some cases these systems offer warranties.

Several of these systems call for the use of an ASTM C1325 cement board. In addition to meeting this requirement, the features and benefits of PermaBASE Cement Board make it an ideal component for use in these systems.


Durability/Strength: PermaBASE Cement Board provides an exceptionally hard, durable surface that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and has proven durability in cold climates.

Consistency: PermaBASE is produced in a factory-controlled environment which provides for a consistent product produced within tighter tolerances than can be achieved with field fabricated substrates.

Cutting and Handling: PermaBASE is produced with its patented EdgeTech technology. The tapered, reinforced edge design allows for the fastening of nails or screws closer to the edge without crumbling or spinout. The homogeneous core provides a very clean score and snap using a standard drywall knife.

Low Water Absorption: PermaBASE has the lowest water absorption of any cement board which provides greater open time.


The system shall be engineered to withstand all applicable loads, including live, dead, seismic, positive and negative, etc. CBMV Systems utilize a primary sheathing beneath the PermaBASE Cement Board to provide required structural performance. \The selection and installation of this sheathing vary according to the type of wall construction.

In the case of exterior walls only, the CBMV Wall System shall not exceed 3 meters (9.8') in height above the foundation walls. Do not use the CBMV System to make soffits or use underground or in areas that are frequently submerged. Make sure to follow the latest national, provincial or local building code regulations.


While PermaBASE is unaffected by moisture, a water-resistant barrier (WRB) must be installed to protect the cavity. One of the advantages of CBMV Systems is the ability to incorporate an effective, accountable water management system. The type and specific placement of the water barrier will vary based on local building codes and/or manufacturers' warranties.